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 warlock destru need guilg

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InläggRubrik: warlock destru need guilg   fre mar 28, 2008 9:01 pm

Name irl: kiriakos
Age: 28
Man / Woman: male
Country / Town: thessaloniki / greece
Work /Student: playing WoW

Characters Name: koula
Class: warlock
Will You respecc if we ask you to?: ofc if guild need other spec
Level 70 is required (doh).
Race: gnome
Flying Mount?: normal
Professions and skill: tailor mining both 375
Have you played the char from lvl 1?: ofc

Why do You apply to Aut vincere Aut mori?: cause id like 2 raid but not 2be in a very hard core guild
What do You expect from Aut vincere Aut mori?: a friendly guild and helpfull
Why do You think that Aut vincere Aut mori should invite You?: cause i will be active im friendly and very helpfull
What is your goal/goals in WoW?: have fun and play with friendly ppl
Have you ever played with anyone from Aut vincere Aut mori in raid/party? If Yes, which? i was at the same guild with locotec at clarity before almost all ppl stop play
Do You know anyone from Aut vincere Aut mori?: loco ^^
Which was your latest guild and why did you leave/get kicked?: i am at clarity but we are inactive long time
Which days and times can you raid?: i dont know whats your raids start time but probably almost all =D
Which heroic-keys do You have?: all exept CoT
Are You attuned to Karazhan?: ofc cause i need some gear
End-game experience: havent been 2 BT-the eye and hyjal
Gear: a bit crapy but i up for as many heros i can do 2 take some gear but cant find party im afraid =((
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Antal inlägg : 140
Registreringsdatum : 08-01-13
Ort : 517,3 km away =(

InläggRubrik: Sv: warlock destru need guilg   lör mar 29, 2008 5:25 pm

No thank you.

Your're so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.
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warlock destru need guilg
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