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 holy priest looking for guild

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InläggRubrik: holy priest looking for guild   tor mar 27, 2008 7:24 pm

Name irl:Tomas
Man / Woman:man
Country / Town:Grecce/heraklion
Work /Student:work

Characters Name:Gazokiller
Will You respecc if we ask you to?:yeap
Level 70 is required (doh).ofc
Flying Mount?:epic
Professions and skill:enchanter/tailor both 375
Have you played the char from lvl 1?:yes

Why do You apply to Aut vincere Aut mori?:i want to take a step forward to pve
What do You expect from Aut vincere Aut mori?:a spot in your guild nothing more
Why do You think that Aut vincere Aut mori should invite You?:maybe cause i am healer or cause im a nice guy:)
What is your goal/goals in WoW?:since its a game i want to see and go to places i havent been yet
Have you ever played with anyone from Aut vincere Aut mori in raid/party? If Yes, which?Vaelys
Do You know anyone from Aut vincere Aut mori?:Vaelys /Defian and the rest from Catalyst
Which was your latest guild and why did you leave/get kicked?:im still @ catalyst and prolly the last one.
Which days and times can you raid?:all days from 17:00 server time till 21:00-22:00
Which heroic-keys do You have?:all (exalted with allmost all factions)
Are You attuned to Karazhan?:yes
End-game experience:kara grull zul aman
Gear:healing gear from kara mostlly and primal mooncloth set and gladi pants
best regards and hope to hear from you soon
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InläggRubrik: Sv: holy priest looking for guild   tor mar 27, 2008 9:02 pm

I'd like to vouch that he is a skilled player, and i'd like to explain that the reason i didn't choose him to come with us originally is that i thought he wouldn't be able to fit in with our schedule, but we have chatted since, and he explained to me that he will be able to fit in now because of some changes in his RL.

He has my vote.

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holy priest looking for guild
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