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 Hunter 100%active wants to join

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InläggRubrik: Hunter 100%active wants to join   sön mar 23, 2008 9:35 pm

Name irl: Haris
Age: 23
Man / Woman: Man
Country / Town: Greece
Work /Student: Working in Hellenic Army

Characters Name: Skatogauros
Class: Hunter
Talent-build/specc: 0/42/19 (but if the guild needs i can change)
Will You respecc if we ask you to?: as i said before yes
Level 70 is required (doh). 70
Race: Night Elf
Flying Mount?: yeap
Professions and skill: alch/herb both 375
Have you played the char from lvl 1?:yeap

Why do You apply to Aut vincere Aut mori?: I applied in your guild cause its an active guild im an active player and from what i saw you have a good progress and i like progress.

What do You expect from Aut vincere Aut mori?: raiding and raiding Laughing Well i expect what professional guilds are doing sheduled raids with nothing missing from them.

Why do You think that Aut vincere Aut mori should invite You?: cause im handsome Laughing hehe just kidding well my role in raids is dps and some times kiting so for these 2 skills.

What is your goal/goals in WoW?:defeat evry boss in every instance

Have you ever played with anyone from Aut vincere Aut mori in raid/party? If Yes, which? Majinvegeta(used to be guild-partners)

Do You know anyone from Aut vincere Aut mori?: Majinvegeta

Which was your latest guild and why did you leave/get kicked?:Never kicked from guild. Two guilds were those that i ve made my biggest progress, DAOL(Dark Angels Of Lyzethry) before TBC in which guild we manage to defeat MC/BWL/AQ40/AQ20/ZG and from NAXX spider wing and deathknight wing. ileft from there due to the leveling up for TBC cause a serious personal problem and when i came back i coudnt reach thei progress. I tried and got in Endless Sacrifice in wich we defeat everyone in Karazhan,Gruul and some tries in SSC. reason for not being there is the disband.

Which days and times can you raid?: Monday to Friday from 15.00 till morning and Weekends can dedicate myself to the guild's schedule.

Which heroic-keys do You have?: all are in my keyring

Are You attuned to Karazhan?: ofc

End-game experience: my expirience is some lines above

also i got some other items from kara
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Antal inlägg : 140
Registreringsdatum : 08-01-13
Ort : 517,3 km away =(

InläggRubrik: Sv: Hunter 100%active wants to join   mån mar 24, 2008 2:27 am

Sorry to say that we are full on Hunters atm. If we get a spot (But i dont belive we will) I will let you know Wink

Your're so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.
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Hunter 100%active wants to join
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