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 What we need right now!

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InläggRubrik: What we need right now!   mån mar 03, 2008 3:19 pm

Hi there!

Even if gear isnt all, we want you to have atleast T4 or equal.

What we are looking for is people we can trust. People who will be there for the guild and help us out. You have to be able to raid most of the weekdays and weekends as we do 10-man on weekends and 25-man on the weekdays.
We demand a mature behaviour (18 y/o is preferred) from you aswell as individual skills. If we feel like you have that just by talking to you we will give you a try-out. When "Trial" you will have to prove that you really want to play with us. Not that we want slacking when you are a member either but when you are a Trial you do what we want and act according to the rules. If you feel that Flasks/Elixirs etc costs too/takes too much time to farm you might wanna rethink about apply. There is no exceptions. If you cant do what we ask you to do the Trial will not last long...

We just went international. This means that the vast majority of the guild is swedish (with some norweigans and danish). But dont be afraid, we wont bite or spam the gchat with Swedish. We have all agreed to this and english will be our mainlanguage from now on.

You will have to have a working mic and ventrilo!

This is what we need atm:

Nothing, all spots are filled.

We do consider taking in exceptional players even if we dont recruit that class atm. Feel free to post applications anyway.

If You dont want to post an application due to various reasons PM me (Zhindar) ingame.

Good Luck !

Your're so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.
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What we need right now!
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